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Lexmoto Adrenaline 125


Lexmoto Chieftan 125 EFI

The Chieftain is for those who wish to lead whilst others follow. Featuring a grand and ma...

Lexmoto Echo 50 EFI

If you are looking for a Top value 50cc Moped then look no further than the Lexmoto Echo. ...

Lexmoto Falcon 125 EFI

The Falcon offers the most affordable Sports bike option on the market. With broad tyres, ...

Lexmoto Hawk 125 EFI

Riding a motorbike is about passion. A connection between rider and Motorcycle that unites...

Lexmoto hunter 50

If you`re 16 and want to get your first taste of riding a motorcycle then the Lexmoto Hunt...

Lexmoto LXR 125

The LXR takes centre stage as the flagship model in the Lexmoto range. With its intimidati...

Lexmoto Michigan 125

Lexmoto Michigan NEW EURO 4 IN STOCK.

Lexmoto Milano 125

The Lexmoto Milano is back for 2017 and is better than ever.

Lexmoto Milano 125 white

About the Lexmoto Milano 125 EFI The Lexmoto Milano is back and is better than ever. Buil...

Lexmoto Tekken 125 EFI (Orange or White)

The Lexmoto Tekken is the next generation of Lexmoto. With a large frame and broad tyres t...

Lexmoto Tempest 125 EFI

The Tempest sets the standard for affordable style in the Learner legal market. With a rel...

Lexmoto Titan 125 EFI

The spiritual successor to the FMS, the Titan is ready to be unleashed. With an electric f...

Lexmoto Venom 125 EFI

The latest bike to feature in the Lexmoto range the Lexmoto Venom EFI presents itself as t...

Lexmoto Vienna 125 EFI

Its not often that you see a scooter that leaves an impression like the Lexmoto Vienna doe...

Lexmoto Viper 125

Get ready for the Lexmoto Viper. With aggressive stance, updated features and a domineerin...

Lexmoto zsxf 125 E4

ZSX-F offers the best commuter option available on the market. The new ZY125 engine delive...